Senior Editors

On its journey to becoming an article, the final say lies with the Senior Editors (“SE”). SEs review the received submissions (from third parties or the content team) for articles and suggest revisions in order to make any contribution more articulate, coherent, cohesive, and engaging to the readers. Articles are published on the assent of SEs. They give direction to the nature of work we aim to do at Tathya Gazette.  Each of our SEs has experience and expertise in a particular field of law, and experience in legal writing and editing.

  • file0.jpg.jpeg

    Advait Shukla


    Bombay High Court

  • Chirag.jpg

    Chirag Bhatia


    Advani and Co.

  • Dhruv Tank


    Bansal-Chorbele Law Chambers

  • Ishwari.jpg

    Ishwari Pendse


    Bombay H.C. & Pune Dist Court

  • HB Keshava.jpg

    H B Keshava

    Managing Partner,

    Baskaran and Associates

  • Monika Bhatelia.jpeg

    Monika  Bhatelia

    Associate Partner, 

    Singhania & Co. LLP

  • Mustafa.jpg

    Mustafa Lokhandwala

    Junior Associate,

    Bose & Mitra & Co.

  • Pawan .jpg

    Pawan Jhabakh

     Legal Counsel

  • Pabitra.jpg

    Pabitra Dutta


    Bose & Mitra & Co

  • Rajnandini.jpg



    Brus Chambers

  • Sindhura polepalli.jpg

    Sindhura Pollepali

    Maritime Legal Consultant,

    Directorate General of Shipping

  • Vasudevan.jpg

    . Vasudevan Gurumurthy

    Advocate Delhi High court and Supreme court

  • Vivek Narayan


    KLE College, Bangalore.

Junior Editors

Junior Editors (“JEs”) are the backbone of Tathya Gazette and its reviewing mechanism. They are the caretakers for any submission received. JEs work in consonance with SEs and develop the general theme Tathya Gazette undertakes from time to time. They analyze and scrutinize, suggest revisions, communicate with authors, and give shape to all that is published through Tathya Gazette.

The JEs aim to strive and gain expertise in particular fields of law.

  • Aashna.jpg

    Ashna Chhabra

    Commercial Laws and Competition Law

  • Anuja.jpg

    Anuja Chaudhary

    Competition Law

  • Jenil.jpg

    Jenil Shah

    Intellectual Property Laws, International Economic Laws, Space Laws and Humanitarian Laws

  • Nikhil Dubey.jpg

    Nikhil Dubey

    Space Law, Contract Law and Technology Law

  • Pranav Bafna.jpg

    Pranav Bafna

    Corporate Economics & Corporate Legislations

  • Rahul Mahajan.jpg

    Rahul Mahajan

    IPR & Arbitration

  • Rajmohan_.jpg


    Constitution and Criminal Laws

  • Shreya .jpg

    Shreya Chaudhary

    Commercial Law and Arbitration

  • Surabhi Smita.jpg

    Surabhi Smitha

    IPR and Banking & Finance

  • UdbhavGadi.jpg

    Udbhav Gady

    Arbitration Law

  • Vaibhav Chitlangia.jpg

    Vaibhav Chitlangia

    Corporate and Securities Law, Insolvency and Restructuring Laws, Banking and Finance Laws

Student Editors

The Student Editors (“St Ed”) follow up an article from start to the end. The St EdS work alongside the SEs, JEs, and CAs to ensure that the writing process is as comfortable as it can be. For fresh law enthusiasts, the position of St Ed provides a great opportunity to review legal writing and familiarize oneself with a plethora of legal topics.

  • Richi.jpg

    Richi Jain

    (Managing Editor)

    ILS Law College, Pune

  • Bodhisattwa

    Bodhisattwa Majumder

    MNLU Mumbai

  • Deveesha.jpg

    Deveesha Tudekar

    ILS Law College, Pune

  • Jay kakani.jpg

    Jay kakani

    ILS Law College, Pune

  • Madhav mittal.jpg

    Madhav Mittal

    UILS, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

  • Sawani.jpg

    Sawani Chothe

    ILS Law College, Pune

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