Tathya has opted for Webinars as a tool for meeting its objective of ‘providing pragmatic insight into the various aspects of law’. Webinar is an age-appropriate mode of reaching out to the learners, as it efficiently connects the learners and teachers across geographical distances with exceptional ease. 

Tathya organizes webinars in furtherance to its objectives, concentrating in niche areas in laws (for e.g. Maritime Law, Aviation Law, Arbitration Law, Cyber Law, etc). The webinars provide a well structured, crisp, and to the point insight into an area of law through the experts of that field and area of practice. The webinars are tailored and facilitated ensuring lucidity, thorough and holistic discourse on the subject matter. Tathya is planning to build further on this model to provide a complete video lecture package.

Keep an eye out on our upcoming webinars!