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Doyle Brunson is the best-known and the most successful intuitive player. He has won millions of dollars, has won the WSOP Main Event Championship twice, has nine WSOP bracelets, and is in the Poker Hall of Fame. In Super System he wrote:

Whenever I use the word “feel”…I recall what happened…. Even though I might not consciously do so…I recall that this same play came up (or something close to it) and this is what he did or somebody else did. So I get a feeling that he’s bluffing or that I can make a play here and get the pot. But, actually my subconscious mind is reasoning it all out

Of course, he was not reasoning, at least not in the sense that my dictionary and most people use that word. He was just relying on his great intuition, and he did not tell his readers how to apply his type of reasoning.

Instead, he urged readers to trust their instincts: “Once you decide what a man’s most likely to have—especially in no-limit—you should never change your mind. You’ll probably be right the first time, so don’t try to second-guess yourself. Have the courage and conviction to trust your instincts.”

For most people it is terrible advice. Without solid evidence that you have his extraordinary gift, you should not assume that “you’ll probably be right the first time.” That assumption is based on an even more dangerous one: that you have great intuition. If you incorrectly make that assumption, you’ll almost certainly make extremely serious mistakes. You can improve your intuition slightly, but you can’t make huge changes in it. It’s much easier to develop your ability to think logically.

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