Legal Snippets Team

The main intention behind creating legal snippets is to disseminate legal information in a creative amalgamation of limited words. To provide you with a pool of information with the beginners’ direction to generate interest in our prime motto.  Through legal snippets, we aim to simplify legal concepts to an extent, which makes them readable, comprehendible, and usable even to those with no association with the field of law whatsoever.

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Content Administrators

Content Administrators (“CA"s) actually determine and deliberate what the content on Tathya should be. They provide the embryo, which on scrutiny and editing by the editors forms the content by Tathya. The CAds at Tathya are a diverse group of contributors who not only hold fascinations in distinct areas of law but also are comfortable with delving into fields unknown and unfrequented. This attitude coupled with the learning centric environment at Tathya ensures an ever-evolving body of work. 

Technical Team

 The tech-team is behind the functioning of the website, managing the social media, to establish the online presence of our gazette. They are responsible that our message reaches the maximum audience in a most presentable manner.

The Technical Team is further divided into the Website Department, Graphics Department, Webinar, Committee, and Communication Department.

Webinar Executives 

Webinar executives (“WE"s) actually are responsible for organising podcasts and webinars on Tathya. They are responsible for identifying topics that need to be covered, the legal luminaries best fitted for the role, and organize an informative session. They also act as the moderators of the session and ensure that there is a flow in the session.