Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Tathya Gazette! At Tathya we strive to create a diverse platform of contributors. We accept quality and well- researched submissions from students, young professionals, policy-makers, senior academics, and lawyers. However, we only publish blogs that are of high quality and that comply with the Style Rules set out on this page.

1. Word limit:

  • Legal Snippets (LS is any sort of information ranging from landmark judgement/recent judgement/contemporary issues/basic principle of laws/any particular process/filing procedure/ summary of any statue) (less than 400 words)

  • Short blogs (600-2000 words)

  • Case comments (800-1500 words)

  • Book reviews (800- 1500 words)

2. Format:

We do not wish to be unduly prescriptive regarding the content and style of posts for the Blog. However, it may be useful to consider the following when writing a post for the Blog:

  • The manuscript should be in MS Word format.

  • The title of the manuscript should be appropriate.

  • The manuscript shall be original, unpublished and not for consideration elsewhere.

  • The submission should not be plagiarized (however a limit of 15 % has been kept), and free from grammatical, spelling and other errors.

  • Full names of all the author(s) must be given. (limit of three authors)

  • Any uniform method for citation may be followed, hyperlinks for internet sources is permissible.

  • The body of the manuscript shall be in Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing. Footnotes should be in Times New Roman, size 10 single line spacing

  • Normal/ Default Margins shall be used.

  • Page borders shall not be used.

The editors reserve the right to decline to publish any post or to remove any post after it has been published. Submitting your article to the Blog does not constitute an agreement on behalf of the Tathya Gazette to publish your post. If your submission is accepted, the editors reserve the right to publish the blog post when and how they deem appropriate. 

3. Editing:

The editors may edit all blog posts for style, clarity, and punctuation. Editing is pursued in a collaborative spirit with the author(s). Editing will ordinarily be pursued only so far as is necessary to render the text suitable for publication, and publication is not agreed until the final text is produced. 

4. Copyright: The copyright of the article will belong to the publisher i.e. Tathya Gazette, once submitted.

5. Cross-posting: Any posts that are not original articles and that have appeared on another blog or website will be acknowledged as such at the start of the piece. The original publisher will be credited and a link to the piece will be included. It is the responsibility of the author to inform the editor if a piece of work is not an original piece of writing and if the piece has been submitted to any other media outlet for consideration or publication

6. References: The blog uses links/footnotes or endnotes for references. Links should direct readers to relevant legislation, case law, official documents, other blog posts, and news items.

7. Photograph: Attach a head and shoulders, high resolution, picture of yourself, or an image relevant to the post (e.g. a photograph of a roundtable event or a national monument). You must ensure that you have permission for the image you provide to be published unless it is a free or open license picture.


8. Originality and Exclusivity: We publish original posts only. In exceptional circumstances, we may permit simultaneous cross-posting with appropriate acknowledgements. If you hope to organise a simultaneous cross-post you must inform us in your initial submission email. We do not accept posts submitted for publication elsewhere. Should you wish to withdraw your post and publish it elsewhere we require that any reliance on our editorial input be acknowledged.

9. Dialogue and PromotionTathya Gazette aims to stimulate dialogue and debate, so once your post is published please keep an eye out for comments and enter into the discussion. 

It is also contributors responsibility To expand your readership, we also encourage you to share your post with friends and colleagues through email and social media sites.

10. Contributor Agreement: By submitting a piece the contributor guarantees that the piece is an unpublished work and it belongs to them. Contributors also permit the Tathya Gazette to use their piece, with full attribution but without further consent, on a non-commercial basis in online and offline publications.

Contributions that do not comply with our submission guidelines will not be considered by the editorial team. We look forward to receiving your contributions and thank our contributors in advance for helping us maintain our high standards and ensuring that the Blog is a space where authors can share their work with a wide global audience.

We thank our contributors in advance for sticking to these guidelines, which help us maintain our high standards and ensure the Blog is a space where authors can get their ideas out to a wide audience!

How to contribute:

  • We’d be thrilled to receive your submission! Please fill the form or email it to, the subject of the mail should be “Submission: <title of work>, <name(s)>” (ex. Submission: Tax Law, XYZ), a photo, and a short biography(discretionary), please include this information in your submission email.

  • Authors should send the submission mail from their own email id and mark the co-authors, if any, in cc.

  • Once you have submitted your draft post, the Editors will be in touch. We endeavour to respond quickly to Blog submissions and you can anticipate a response within two weeks.

  • If the Editors reject the Blog submission will communicate this decision and provide brief feedback.

  • If the Editors consider that your post has the potential to be published, but is not currently of the required standard, then we will send back your work with editorial suggestions in tracked changes.

  • If the post is accepted for publication, there may be, for the reasons set out above, a delay between acceptance and publication. We aim to minimize this where a post covers a very recent or urgent issue. We will always work with authors to try to comply with any specific timing requirements.

  • We pride ourselves on the high quality of our blog posts and will not publish a post if we are not satisfied that it is of sufficiently high quality, both in terms of presentation and argument, under any circumstances.

We would be happy to receive any kind of query regarding possible submissions, suggestions regarding topics to write, how to start research, different ideas, and proposals, any feedback, joining the team as Content Administrators, Junior Editors, Student Editors, etc., do let us know at

Disclaimer: Views presented in blog posts are the author’s alone. They are not the views of the blog editors, Tathya gazettes, and its members or Tathya-walk the law.

We look forward to receiving your contribution!

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